A Brief History of Kristen's personal web pages

I recently found an archive of my old web sites, which I previously thought had been deleted in an unfortunate hard drive incident. Looking through the old pages brought back such happy memories, I decided to pay them a tribute.

This poem appeared on my very first web page, an assignment for CS 1010. I include it for historic purposes.

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Reading this poem
Is worse than the flu!

I'm afraid my next experimentation with web design was no better. I included the following picture on the site which users had to click in order to enter. After far too many comments that it freaked people out, I took it down.

On yet another version, I decided to create a page in my Photo Gallery of pictures of myself. I found this applet which I fell in love with that lets you see one picture when the page is loaded, and another when your mouse moves over the picture. I included the picture below, because I thought it was clever. Stalker Gil told me once, "I went to your web site, but I didn't look at your underwear picture". That creeped me out enough to pull the whole "me" page down. I guess I should explain that in this picture I'm wearing long underwear. My modesty was never in danger. Mouse over the picture and see for yourself.

Kristen in her underwear

By this point in time I was a teaching assistant for CS1010 (the same class I made my first web page in.) As a help to the students in the class, I had a link to my personal unix insights. Included in the advise was the following explanation on how to untar something.

I think the "man" pages on tar are horrible, so here's an easy way to get the .tar off a file:

tar -xvf filename

where filename is the name of your file.

Below is what my final try looked like. I designed it probably around the years 1999-2000. I took it down a few years ago when Stalker Gil was told I moved out of state, and I wanted to erase any links he had to me. I took off all references to my maiden name, so hopefully he will no longer be able to find this page and haunt me.

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My loving husband Mike has been trying to get me to create a new personal web page for some time. I think I have finally got a new "great" idea for that page. I promise, it will put these old ones to shame.